For several years Blackberries has been updating its machinery and focusing decisively on DTF (Direct-To-Film) printing. DTF is a new technique, increasingly widespread in the fabric printing market, which allows you to transfer, with the use of dedicated inks, the design directly onto a PET film, hot-coated with an adhesive powder, which is fixed through the polymerization oven or through a hot press.

Thanks to this process it is possible to obtain a thinner, faster print with better results than traditional transfers.

The main advantages of this innovative and efficient technology are its great versatility, the quality of the final result and the significant cost savings. DTF printing, in fact, is suitable for many types of fabric, both polyester and natural fibres, and also allows you to process items of clothing and accessories that were previously particularly difficult to process, such as outerwear, raincoats, hats and backpacks.

What is obtained is a product of extreme quality , even in the presence of very detailed and complex graphics, with excellent coverage and color rendering, as well as excellent fastness to dry and wet rubbing . Finally, the process is suitable for both large and small productions and is particularly competitive because it does not require special systems.